Feeling overwhelmed with all of the herbs and essential oils out there?

Each one has countless uses and, as amazing as that is, it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started.

What if you just learn about one instead and how it can be used to create happy, vibrant skin?

Introducing the Lavender Microcourse

Lavender is more than just a bedtime remedy. The flowers and essential oil can be used in a number of ways for simple, natural skincare.

In this microcourse, you’ll learn why lavender is so great for the skin and receive 7 DIY skincare recipes, from cleanser to moisturizer to a first aid salve.

This isn't just a collection of recipes, though. Once you're finished, you'll know why lavender is so great for the skin. You'll also learn a number of ways to prepare it that you can use with other herbs as well.

Course Contents:

  • Getting started: (properties & benefits of lavender, stocking your tiny apothecary: ingredients needed for the course)
  • Lesson one: Herbs vs. essential oils
  • Lesson two: Cleanse (lavender oil cleanser, what is the oil cleansing method?)
  • Lesson three: Tone (lavender calendula spray, benefits of calendula)
  • Lesson four: Moisturize (lavender frankincense deep moisturizer, benefits of frankincense)
  • Lesson five: Soothe (lavender tea tree skin soothing salve, salve-making tutorial)
  • Lesson six: Pamper (lavender cardamom bath salts, lavender wild orange body wash, lavender body butter, 7 ways to practice self-care when you don’t have the time)
  • Lesson seven: Save and track (how to save money on DIY projects, keeping a DIY journal)
  • Resources